Kickstart can’t find stage2.img

Had an issue while trying to kickstart a virtual machine, it couldn’t find the stage2.img file. It would complain stating:

“Unable to retrieve http://ks-server/centos/5/os/x86_64/images/stage2.img”

It pulls that information from the kickstart file I provided, so I knew it could get to kickstart system on port 80.

The issue had to do with the system being kickstarted, was on a different subnet where dhcp traffic was not allowed.

So the system was kickstarted using a boot image, and was prompted for an IP. IP was given and then it went out and grabbed the kickstart file. However, here is where the problem was. In the kickstart file, I had this statement:

network –bootproto=dhcp –device=eth0

Changed it to:

network –bootproto=static –ip=<ip> –netmask=<netmask> –gateway=<gw> –nameserver=<ns> –device=eth0

and it worked fine. Commenting out the “network” line will just default it to dhcp and still won’t be able to get a dhcp address to then pull down the image.




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